Wireless Waikiki FAQ

Table of Contents

  1. How do I connect to the network?
  2. What's the catch ?
  3. Which websites can I go to for free and when do I have to pay?
  4. Is it going to be slow?
  5. Who is wirelesswaikiki.org?
  6. Who is ShakaNet?
  7. Why are you doing this?
  8. How do I advertise on the network?

How do I connect to the network?

Just connect to the access point.  Our SSID is "shakanet-free".  Once you have associated with the access point you need to open a browser and try to go out to any website in the Internet to complete your authentication.  That's it!

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What's the catch?

We get asked this a lot.  There is no catch.  No time limit.  No sign-up.  No survey to fill out.  No personal questions to divulge.  No annoying pop-ups (not from us at least).  No restrictions on which websites you can go to.  When we complete our Hawaii Portal, it will be the first page you see....that's it.  After that, you are free to go where you like.

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Is it going to be slow?

Unlike some free networks that are really slow, our goal is to deliver 1Mbps to the user.  While this is not blazing fast, we need to have enough bandwidth for everyone to share.

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Which websites can I go to for free and when do I have to pay?

To us, free means free.  We will not restrict which websites you can go to.  You can go to whichever site you like.  Unlike other networks where there only a handful of sites that are free, we will not restrict your freedom.

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Who is wirelesswaikiki.org?

The Wireless Waikiki Project is currently an initiative of ShakaNet, Inc.

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Who is ShakaNet?

Founded in 2002, ShakaNet is the largest Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in Hawai’i. Based in Honolulu, ShakaNet provides public Internet access solutions via Wi-Fi Hotspots, and custom locally-built Internet Kiosks to over 20 locations on 4 islands.

ShakaNet also provides a full range of Internet solutions for hotels, offices, apartments, condominiums and airports using wireless, traditional wired, and Internet Kiosk solutions.

For more information on ShakaNet's products and service please visit our website.

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Why are you doing this?

ShakaNet feels that this is the model that will prevail in densely populated areas.  By building a free network that is paid for by advertisers, we feel that everyone will benefit.  We also feel that it is a great way to give something back to the community and city that we love.  We do not get funding from any governmental agency.  Ultimately, our goal is to cover all of Waikiki with FREE Internet access.

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How do I advertise on the network?

We are currently building our Hawaii Portal.  ShakaNet currently provides services to 40,000 user a month through its wireless, and kiosk products.  With this much reach, we believe our Hawaii Portal will be a great venue for advertisers to reach new customers.  If you would like to find out about advertising please contact us.

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